Affordable Auto, Home, Life Insurance And More In Middlebury, VT

When you call Bourdon Insurance Agency in Middlebury, VT, you get expert guidance from a licensed, independent insurance broker. Our insurance agents want to make sure that your insurance policy fits your exact needs. We can explain the different types of coverage available and help you decide which plans are right for your unique life circumstances.


Car insurance form – Personal Insurance in Middlebury, VT
Regardless of what vehicle you drive our insurance agents can match you with a policy that covers your vehicle and fits your budget. From classic cars to work trucks we can get your vehicle insured.

Coverage Types:

Liability: Covers property damage and injuries caused to others while you operate your vehicle
Medical: Covers the medical expenses of the driver and occupants of the insured vehicle.
Collision: Insures the owners vehicle from loss during a collision with another vehicle.
Comprehensive: Protection to your vehicle from damage caused by things other than vehicle collision such as hail, vandalism, and more.

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